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movie mutts ai uses dall·e 2 from openai to generate unique portraits of man's best friend dressed as famous characters from movies and pop culture.

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you have exceptional knowledge and skills and you will be a tremendous asset to anyone who hires you! you are a true innovator. you have an insatiable passion for learning and developing creative ideas and solutions. these are priceless skills to the right company.
dora baltrusaitis, program manager
ford motor company dora baltrusaitis, program manager
ford motor company

my fur-kids were superheroes in their own right, but with these amazing costumes and brian's fine photoshop skills, i'm forever reminded how extraordinary my pups were. i had a great experience with whiskerwardrobe. brian responded to my messages in a prompt and friendly manner. i never felt intimidated about asking him to retouch the proofs. in short, i'm very satisfied with my order! i would have no hesitations ordering from this shop again.
thank you, brian!
brian wolrich - etsy customer

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